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February 20, 2018
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Big Brands Love WordPress

WordPress Website Design

WordPress Website Design

WordPress is now 15 years old, and has developed from a simple blogging tool to what now is considered to be the most powerful content management system (CMS) online. It’s certainly the most popular by far.

Some misconceptions perceive WordPress as free blogging software, where in fact it has grown and developed in to a comprehensive, versatile and fully functional web platform that now powers some of the worlds most notable brands.

Just some of the worlds 'Big Brands' powered by WordPress: BBC America; NASA; Sony Playstation; Microsoft News; Time Magazine; Vogue; Mercedes Benz International & Facebook Newsroom.

WordPress now powers over 30% of ALL websites with almost 1.5 billion downloads and dominates the CMS market with a more than 76% share

Google gets around 3 million search requests monthly for the keyword “WordPress”

Google says that WordPress is 99% SEO compatible

Security conscious organisations like Facebook and the Government use WordPress

High profile sites use WordPress because of its performance and scalability

“[INFOGRAPHIC] 42 Famous Brands Using WordPress” by ThemeIsle © 2017

Lets see how your organisation could benefit from using the WordPress platform:

WordPress is Secure

2018 is the year of secure servers (SSL) and is a must for any website, not just a WordPress site. Every site developed and hosted by us will run on a https secure connection. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Google now marks any non-https site with any type of text input field as “NOT SECURE” and demotes the site ranking below that of SSL sites.

WordPress is Easy to use


WordPress is Responsive


WordPress is Extendable


WordPress is SEO Friendly